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Hand Blended Loose Leaf Tea

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About the Tree of Life

The tree of life is a mystical and magical tree that is well known in many cultures. It represents our connection to all things -- earth, air, water, fire. In Celtic culture, trees were the centre of all that occurred -- the absence of trees would be the absence of life. In Christian tradition, eating from the tree of life is said to grant immortality. In Norse mythology, the tree of life, or Yggdrasil, binds together all realms of existence. This ancient tree represents our connection to our ancestors and also of our individuality. The stages of a tree's growth through the year mirrors that of the cycle of life, similar to the eternal life/re-birth traditions in many religions.


Small batch, hand blended loose leaf herbal teas. Relax and unwind with a cup of lemon balm & chamomile blend, mint & green tea blend to energize and focus, or dark love blend (licorice root, rose petals, white & black peppercorn, hibiscus flower) to prepare for shadow work and ritual.

Herbs used in tea are grown in my garden or obtained from select suppliers.

Each package of tea is approximately 15g -- this should make 5 to 7 cups of tea.