Dark Love ~ Ritual & Spell Candle

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Use this extra large tea light candles during your love spells or rituals. This one was crafted specifically to help you embrace and love your shadow self or to attract someone into your life who will love your dark and your light equally.

This candle is packed with elements and symbols to invoke love, and darkness. You'll find onyx and rose quartz crystals along with garnet gemstone chips, a small glittery heart, a rose bud, rue from my garden and sandalwood resin. Burn the candle to reveal a bat charm (a symbol of darkness) and a moon charm (a symbol of light in the darkness). These charms can be used as necklaces or in future rituals. The candle is scented with ylang ylang, black pepper and sandalwood essential oil, and finished with red, black and gold glitter to remind us how love can bring light into the darkness.