Pearl Tree of Life Pendant ~ June Birthstone

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This June birthstone necklace featuring gleaming pearls wire wrapped into a tree of life is a fabulous gift for that special someone in your life who was born in June. Or treat yourself to something magical -- you deserve it.

A necklace like this often becomes a person's talisman -- wearing the stone associated with your birth month offers comfort and good luck. This is a really meaningful gift that the recipient will treasure.

I choose pearls of various sizes and hues for each necklace, making every one a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. This necklace would make a really beautiful choice for a bridal pendant and make that special day even more extraordinary.


  • The pendant is approximately 1" wide by 1.5" long
  • I will make it in either sterling silver or copper wire
  • It comes with a chain that matches the wire, or a black leather or cotton cord
  • You can choose the length of the chain

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About Pearls

Pearl is one of the birthstones for those born in the month of June is Pearl. June also has two other birthstones: Alexandrite and Moonstone. Pearls are created in the shells of oysters and certain types of clams. Natural pearls are very rare, and highly prized. Most pearls used in jewelry are cultured or imitation. Pearls promote faith, loyalty, truth and purity, and are said to give the wearer a sense of calm and integrity. 

About the Tree of Life

The tree of life is a mystical and magical tree that is well known in many cultures. It represents our connection to all things -- earth, air, water, fire. In Celtic culture, trees were the centre of all that occurred -- the absence of trees would be the absence of life. In Christian tradition, eating from the tree of life is said to grant immortality. In Norse mythology, the tree of life, or Yggdrasil, binds together all realms of existence. This ancient tree represents our connection to our ancestors and also of our individuality. The stages of a tree's growth through the year mirrors that of the cycle of life, similar to the eternal life/re-birth traditions in many religions.